IB Global Conference 2019 - New Orleans, LA, USA

Conference Schedule Outline

Wednesday | 17 July 2019

1:00pm  5:00pm Registration

Thursday | 18 July 2019

7:30am  7:00pm Registration
9:00am  3:30pm Full-day pre-conference sessions
12:00pm  1:00pm Pre-conference lunch (for full-day pre-conference only) and exhibition
1:00pm  3:30pm Exhibit hall open (for all attendees)
4:00pm  5:00pmIB Meet Up: CP, DP, MYP, PYP, and independent schools
5:30pm  7:00pm Opening general session
7:00pm  9:30pmOpening reception and exhibition

Friday | 19 July 2019

7:45am  8:45am Expo session(s)
9:00am  10:30am Second general session
10:30am  12:30pm Exhibit hall and coffee break
11:15am  12:30pm First breakout sessions
12:30pm  1:30pm Lunch
1:20pm  1:45pmIB booth demo(s)
1:30pm  5:00pm Exhibit hall, luncheon dessert & coffee
2:00pm  3:15pm Second breakout sessions
3:15pm  3:45pmExhibit hall and coffee break
3:45pm  5:00pm Third breakout sessions

Saturday | 20 July 2019

7:15am  8:15amExpo session(s)
8:15am  9:45am First breakout sessions
9:45am  11:45am Exhibit hall and coffee break
10:30am  11:45am Second breakout sessions
11:45am 1:15pm Lunch
12:35pm  1:00pm IB booth demo(s)
12:45pm  3:00pm Exhibit hall, luncheon dessert & coffee
1:15pm  2:30pm Third breakout sessions
2:30pm  3:00pmExhibit hall and coffee break
3:00pm  4:15pm Fourth breakout sessions
7:00pm  11:00pm Celebration Dinner

Sunday | 21 July 2019

9:00am  10:15am Breakout sessions
10:15am  10:45am Coffee break
10:45am  12:15pm Third general session

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