IBAP Regional Workshops, Mumbai, India, 17-19 Nov 2017


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Workshop TitleCategoryLanguage
PYPAn introduction to the IB programme standards for administrators new to the PYPC1English
PYPMaking the PYP happen in the classroomC1English
PYPTeaching and learningC2English
PYPPedagogical leadershipC2English
PYPPlay-based learningC3English
PYPReading and writing through inquiryC3English
PYPThe role of mathematicsC3English
PYPConcept-based learning C3English

MYPHeads of school/IB coordinators:Implementing the MYP curriculumC1English
MYPHeads of school/IB coordinators: Delivering the MYP curriculumC2English
MYPArts - Visual and performing: Delivering the MYP curriculumC2English
MYPDesign: Delivering the MYP curriculumC2English
MYPIndividuals and societies: Delivering the MYP curriculumC2English
MYPLanguage and literature: Delivering the MYP curriculumC2English
MYPLanguage acquisition: Delivering the MYP curriculumC2English
MYPMathematics: Delivering the MYP curriculumC2English
MYPPhysical and health education: Delivering the MYP curriculumC2English
MYPSciences: Delivering the MYP curriculumC2English
MYPApproaches to learning in the MYP C3English
MYPHeads of school/IB coordinators: Managing assessment in the MYPC3English

DPEnglish A: Language and literatureC1English
DPBusiness management C1English
DPMathematics HLC1English
DPMathematics SLC1English
DPEnvironmental systems and societies C1English
DPComputer ScienceC1/2
DPSelf-taught Language A: Literature (CANCELLED)C1/2
DPEnglish A: Language and literatureC2English
DPBusiness management (CANCELLED)
DPMathematics HLC2English
DPMathematics SLC2English
DPEnvironmental systems and societies C2English
DPBiology: A focus on internal assessmentC3English
DPBusiness management: A focus on internal assessmentC3English
DPChemistry: A focus on internal assessmentC3English
DPEnvironmental systems and societies: A focus on internal assessmentC3English
DPGeography: A focus on internal assessment (CANCELLED)C3English
DPHistory: A focus on internal assessmentC3English
DPMaths SL and HL: A focus on internal assessmentC3English
DPPhysics: A focus on internal assessmentC3English
DPApproaches to teaching and learning in the DPC3English
DPTOK: Helping students write strong essays and assessing their workC3English

CONTCreating inclusive classroomsC3English
CONTSocial and emotional learningC3English


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IBAP Regional Workshops
PYP Cat 1, 2, 3,
MYP Cat 1, 2, 2.
DP Cat 1, 2, 3, 1/2 (Mixed) and
CONT Cat 3

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  • When

  • Friday, November 17, 2017 - Sunday, November 19, 2017

  • Where

  • Oberoi International School
    Oberoi Garden City, Near Oberoi Mall
    Off Western Express Highway
    Goregaon East
    Mumbai 400063
    + 91 22 4236 3131 / 199

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