IBAP Regional Workshops, WAB, Beijing, China, 9-11 Nov 2017


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Please note that you have the option to register for a 3 day workshop and a 1 day workshop, only if the dates are not overlapped. 


Workshop TitleCategoryLanguage
PYPAn introduction to the IB programme standards for administrators new to the PYPC1English
PYPAn introduction to the PYP curriculum modelC1English
PYPMaking the PYP happen in the classroomC1English
PYPTeaching and learningC2English
PYPAssessment in the early yearsC2English
PYPWell-being and student leadershipC3English
PYPPlay-based learningC3English
PYPReading and writing through inquiryC3English
PYPTransdisciplinary learningC3English
PYPInquiry and the additional language teacherC3English
PYPThe role of arts in the early years (CANCELLED)C3English

MYPHeads of school/IB coordinators: Implementing the MYP curriculumC1English
MYPHeads of school/IB coordinators: Delivering the MYP curriculumC2English
MYPArts - Visual and performing: Delivering the MYP curriculumC2English
MYPDesign: Delivering the MYP curriculumC2English
MYPIndividuals and societies: Delivering the MYP curriculumC2English
MYPLanguage and literature: Delivering the MYP curriculumC2English
MYPLanguage acquisition: Delivering the MYP curriculumC2English
MYPMathematics: Delivering the MYP curriculumC2English
MYPPhysical and health education: Delivering the MYP curriculumC2English
MYPSciences: Delivering the MYP curriculumC2English
MYPApproaches to learning in the MYP C3English
MYPGlobal contexts for teaching and learning C3English
MYPInquiry in the MYP (CANCELLED)

DPCreativity, activity, serviceC1English
DPTheory of knowledgeC1English
DPBusiness management C1English
DPMathematical Studies SL (CANCELLED)
DPMathematics HLC1English
DPMathematics SLC1English
DPVisual artsC1English
DPTheory of knowledgeC2English
DPBusiness management C2English
DPMathematical Studies SLC2English
DPMathematics HLC2English
DPMathematics SLC2English
DPApproaches to teaching and learning in the DPC3English
DPThe DP core: Improving student engagement and performance in TOK, CAS and EEC3English

DPAcademic honesty in practice (1 day: 12 Nov 2017) (CANCELLED)
DPBringing the IB Diploma Programme into the community (1 day: 12 Nov 2017) (CANCELLED)

CONTBilingual and multilingual teaching and learningC3English
CONTThe learner profileC3English


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IBAP Regional Workshops
PYP Cat 1, 2, 3
MYP Cat 1, 2, 3,
DP Cat 1, 2, 3 and
CONT Cat 3
Date : 9-11 November 2017 (3 day workshops)
Date: 12 November 2017 (1 day workshops)


  • When

  • Thursday, November 9, 2017 - Saturday, November 11, 2017

  • Where

  • Western Academy of Beijing (WAB)
    10 Lai Guang Ying Dong Lu
    Chao Yang District
    Beijing 100102
    + 86 10 5986 5588

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